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About us

About Us

Over the years as motocross and supercross racers, we realised there is no cooler feeling than heating up the track with style and flow and just having fun.

But at some point, we wanted to see more of our vision of style on our bikes – the kind of style we dreamed about.


That’s why we started Vision Design. The vision of something big, self-determined and creative has been driving us since 2016. At the beginning, we ran things as a hobby, but quickly got a lot of attention from interested people who wanted designs from us. We didn’t expect that kind of response, but it thrilled us.

Starting in 2017, a lot changed because of the immense interest in our motocross graphics. We wanted to share what excited and drove us over the past few years with other riders on the motocross scene and make you part of it as well. Creating motocross graphics takes a lot of time and work, so we took the step of becoming self-employed in the same year, allowing us to focus 100% on Vision Design and our products.

Our enthusiasm for allowing every rider to make personalised and stylish motocross graphics for themselves is still going strong. Designing it on the PC, printing it on a foil with ink, sticking the design onto the bike and then seeing it on the track in full action is just awesome.


We continue to evolve day by day because of our desire to produce ever better and cooler products. We build our motocross designs from the ground up. It starts with the production of patterns, also called templates, which allow us to determine the fit, the durability and the look of our products so we can meet our own quality standards. We also use the same extremely high-quality motocross graphics material that factory teams in the US use because we want to offer you the best product and the best service.


Our customers are like family to us – we want to share our passion with them and fulfil 100% of our customers’ wishes.

Here are some of the companies and teams we’ve worked with so far.

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