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Author: Robin

New KTM Orange

New KTM Orange at Vision Design. You can now get your KTM motocross graphic at Vision Design in new bright orange. The motorcycle manufacturer KTM introduced a new orange colour on the

Your custom design

Your custom motocross design. Do you want a motocross design that we only make for you 100% according to your vision and ideas? Then the Custom Line in our shop is the

AGMX Honda Alain Schafer

We present the new AGMX Honda by Alain Schafer. As in the previous year, in 2019 we once again competed for the Swiss Motocross Championship along with the AGMX Honda.

San Diego SX Edition

San Diego SX Edition, available now! We made the effort to develop a Navy themed design matching the US Supercross in San Diego. You can order the design for any bike

Hologram Logos

There is an option for “Hologram Logos” under Extras in the order form. You can have your main logo on your tank finished with a hologram effect. A hologram is

AGMX Honda Swiss

We are pleased to announce that in the coming 2019 season we will once again contest the Swiss Championship alongside AGMX Honda Swiss. But first the Supercross in Geneva is

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